Illinois Bridal Store Offers Helping Hand to Fired-Damaged Ottumwa Wedding Boutique

GALENA, Illinois  --  Fire officials in Ottumwa say it will be at least another day before they are able to enter a building that caught fire over the weekend.

The Bridal Cottage caught on fire Saturday evening, and firefighters were not able to salvage anything. The damage has left dozens of brides without their wedding dresses that were stored there. According to the store's Facebook page, the business' owner is working to find replacement dresses for all the brides. However, a bridal store in Illinois is offering to help relieve some of the stress.

"We could probably do a few for free, if needed, for the main part, at least being the in-between place where companies can ship dresses to. I can even drive them down to her if needed," says Brandi Arensdorff, owner of I Do Bridal in Galena, Illinois.

Arensdorff, who was born in Ottumwa, says she's most concerned about the brides whose wedding days are in a few months.

The fire remains under investigation.