Spider Bite Lands Nebraska Man in Hospital

NEBRASKA  --  A Nebraska man is recovering after he was bit by a brown recluse spider.

"It took me from a really healthy person, I've never been hardly sick a day in my life. From here on out, I'm scared to do anything," said Kelly Leisure.

Leisure was in his closet when the spider bit him. He was sick for five days before he went to the hospital, when doctors rushed him into surgery. A giant bandage covers his graphic wound.

The bite originally looked like a round red spot. Days after surgery, the open wound is at least six inches long. Leisure still has to have fluids pumped out of his back, and the dressing changed every other day.

The venom in the brown recluse spider kills body tissue. Spider experts says the spiders are not aggressive, and they're likely to hide.

"They're not looking for human blood or anything like that. They are just something that we accidentally interact with," said Jonathan Larson.

"We might find them in our houses in the back of closets, in boots or gloves, maybe in an old sweater or a box," said Carl Braun.

Brown recluse spiders can be found in Iowa.