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Walnut Woods State Park Hopes to Sell a Few Walnut Trees

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is looking to solve a safety problem in the Walnut Woods State Park campground.

Walnut Woods is known for its hundreds of walnut trees, but some of the aging trees are causing a safety concern.

“Presently we have around a dozen walnut trees, mainly ones that are in the campground that have reached their climax, so to speak,” said Tim Gedler, Walnut Woods Park Manager. “They’re old trees, they’ve began to drop limbs, we’ve had a couple of instances of damage to the tops of campers and RVs in the campground.”

The Iowa DNR is hosting a public hearing on Tuesday evening to talk with people who may be interested in buying the old walnut trees and harvesting them for the lumber.

“We’re proposing rather than hire a tree service to come in and at the expense of thousands of dollars to remove these trees, it’s possible that there's still enough value in these old walnut trees that we are attempting to put these trees out for sale to local bonded timber buyers that may want to come in and harvest these trees and actually pay the DNR for their value," said Gedler.

People interested in bidding on the trees can contact the park office at 515-285-4502.