Body Camera Video Released in Roberts Trial

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The trial continued Tuesday for the Johnston man accused of killing his girlfriend last spring.

Abraham Roberts is charged with first degree murder. The defense is arguing Abraham Roberts shot and killed Agnes Yarlee out of drunkenness and rage. Defense attorney's are asking for a lesser charge to be handed down.

On Tuesday, state prosecutors ordered several witnesses and first responders to the stand detailing what they heard and saw the night of the shooting.

Body camera video worn by Johnston Police Officer Austin Meng shows when he first arrives on scene, two children were frantic outside the apartment complex. Once inside, it reveals the victim slumped over on the couch with several gunshot wounds with her five - month - old baby in rocker on the floor between her legs. The baby was awake and crying.

The state also called for neighbors to testify. Trinh Glick lived two doors down from where the incident took place. She said she heard what sounded like hammering and then children screaming for help.

"The girl said she  came back from the park and that her mom and dad were arguing. She kept saying my dad shot her," she says. "She just kept saying, 'I don’t know what I’m going to do if my mom died.'"

Prosecutors are expected to continue on Wednesday. The family of the victim is expected to testify but it's unclear on what day.