Board Votes Not to Renew Designation for Iowa’s Lone Charter Elementary School

Prescott School (WHO-HD)

DUBUQUE, Iowa — Iowa’s only elementary school with a charter designation will soon lose it.

KWWL reports the Dubuque Community School District’s board voted this week not to renew the charter at Prescott Elementary after the end of this school year.

The charter meant faculty had the freedom to innovate and utilize resources other that schools don’t.

The school’s principal is disappointed in the decision, but says the work at the school will continue.

“Resolve. Here’s where we’re at today, let’s get on with it. This work that we do with our children is too important to not doing anything but our very best. So let’s get our eyes on the kids and keep moving forward,” said Vicki Sullivan, Prescott Elementary Principal.

Administrators are unsure what impact losing the charter will have. Under the charter any student in the district could attend Prescott. It also capped class sizes.

All currently enrolled students will be allowed to stay, but they are unsure of what enrollment will be like for next year and whether it will mean staffing changes.