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Ankeny Brothers Learning Valuable Lesson on Cross-Continental Charity Ride

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Three months ago, two Ankeny brothers began a cross-continental motorcycle charity ride to Argentina. Now, a third of the way into their ride, they say the journey has taught them something.

"You can always be more patient. You can always be more patient," smiles Seth Naylor.

The ride hasn't been easy for the Seth and his brother Ross. The two are currently in Costa Rica, waiting for one of their motorcycles to be fixed. Along with the language barriers and crossing borders into new countries,  they admit their transportation has caused them the most headaches. Their motorcycles keep breaking down and it's costing them a lot of time and money to have parts shipped from the United States.

The brothers are raising money for the Iowa-based World Riders Foundation, an organization that builds schools in third-world countries. So far, they have raised more than $7,000 of their $20,000 goal. Ross Naylor says the support from people back home is what keeps them going.

"The donors at times have kept us motivated to move forward because throughout the trip there have been times that we’ve thought, 'Is this really worth it? Do we really want to keep forward?'" he says.

Despite the road blocks, the brothers volunteered at an orphanage in Mexico along the way. They say overall it's been a life changing experience. Click here to follow along with the their journey.