Martin Luther King Jr. Day Prayer Breakfast Held at Drake

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Prayer Breakfast (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — Many people gathered Monday morning on Drake University’s campus to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. The 5th annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Prayer Breakfast was held at the Knapp Center.

The breakfast drew a large crowd of community residents, business leaders, as well as different agencies.  The event shined a spotlight on community servant leaders.

The theme for this year’s event was entitled “One Economy”, which focused on Dr. King’s legacy of service and pioneering for economic progress.

“In One Economy, one of the things we want to understand is that in many of our cities, Indianapolis is one, Des Moines is one, we have the element, when we have major economic improvement, many times if we do our research, we will find that it cuts right through your minority neighborhoods. And, so what was a very vibrant entrepreneurial neighborhood becomes divided. And it is really referred to is the path of least resistance. So what the One Economy is trying to help us all understand is that we need to bring that back together. And we need to understand, and dig a little deeper, and understand how we got where we are, in business we call that root cause analysis, and then to understand how do we move it forward,” said Rosemary Parson, Senior V.P. Admin of Community Relations at EquiTrust.

According to Parson, the best way to help move the mission forward is asking neighbors and friends on how to proceed.