Three West Des Moines Students Earn Perfect ACT Score

DES MOINES, Iowa – Three students from Valley High School in West Des Moines earned perfect scores on the ACT.

According to the ACT, a perfect composite score is a 36.

Owner of Des Moines Tutoring Cole Fuller said it is not common for students to receive a perfect score.

“It’s not a test that bodes well for students scoring perfectly, very often. It’s very, very, very challenging, and once again the students have to know the material inside and out. As well as have luck on their side, just so they don’t even just misread a single question. If you are scoring at that accuracy, you cannot be rushing through the test,” Fuller said.

The ACT consists of four subject tests, which include: English, mathematics, reading and science.

Fuller said students should practice three to four months prior to taking the exam.

Some study methods Fuller suggests include:

  • Knowing punctuation
  • Reviewing common misused words or phrases
  • Reading both nonfiction and fiction
  • Focusing on the graphs/charts on science rather than the given passages
  • Reviewing math equations for all levels
  • Students taking practice exams in the same time frame as the real exam

“Students do not realize that amount of endurance and mental focus that they have to have in order to be successful on a test. By completing multiple practice tests, it’ll help them kind of build-up that endurance necessary, as well as making them feel comfortable with the formatting of the test,” Fuller said.

Fuller said the national average score is a 21, while in Iowa students typically score a 21.9.

The ACT scale ranges from 1-36. The composite score is the average of the four test subject scores.

The next ACT exam in Iowa is February 10th.