Celebrating Veterans at the Iowa Statehouse

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DES MOINES, Iowa- Governor Kim Reynolds, and Iowa lawmakers welcomed military veterans to visit the capitol on Wednesday. Reynolds and lawmakers took the time to meet with Veterans and held a ceremony in the Capitol Rotunda.

“It is truly an honor to celebrate Veterans Day on the hill with you our veterans and heroes,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds also mentioned Home Base Iowa, created under the Governor Branstad Administration, which helps vets returning from service land a job in Iowa. The Future Ready Act launched last fall is to help with education.

“Another way were doing that is in the Future Ready Act which is one of my top priorities for this year,” said Reynolds. “It’s also a bill which creates opportunity for veterans to get the skills needed for rewarding careers.”

“We had a short meeting with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor about the new USS Iowa,” said Bob Kirby, a Navy Vet from Altoona. “A lot of people are not aware that there’s a new navy ship being built the USS Iowa, it’s a nuclear submarine.”

One group from Boone County wanted to assure that funds for local veterans groups would be maintained.

“Every county is funded at a certain level of funding by the state for the county to support the veterans commission for each county in the state of Iowa and we want to make sure that is sustained,” said Roger Plath of Boone.

“From someone who has not served, let me take a moment to say thank you,” said Reynolds. “To those who served, and to the men and women who are currently serving, thank you for your patriotism, thank you for your dedication, and thank you for putting country above self.”