Foxhoven Says DHS Case Loads Higher Than Previously Reported

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Jerry Foxhoven told lawmakers on Wednesday that they haven't been given an accurate estimate of the case load of DHS employees and he plans to correct that.

Foxhoven says a new estimate of the average case load of DHS case workers will be released Thursday and the new figure will be much higher than lawmakers had previously heard.  Foxhoven says the blame laws with a flawed formula previously used by the DHS.  Under that formula the DHS simply divided the number of total cases by the number of certified social workers on staff.  However there was a problem with that formula.

"The problem is that there are some people that are social workers ... that don't have case loads; like the people who answer the phones at the Child Abuse Hotline," Foxhoven told lawmakers, "As a result of that it made case loads look lower than where they are."

Foxhoven says the updated and correct figure will be released on Thursday.  Iowa's case load figure was already ahead of the national average for social workers.  Despite those figures Foxhoven says the DHS is staffed with dedicated social workers who take their jobs seriously.