DMPS Classroom is Teaching Students the Importance of Compliments

Moore Elementary third grade students writing each other compliments.

DES MOINES, Iowa – One Moore Elementary school teacher is showing students the importance of communication through “shout-outs.”

Third Grade Moore Elementary Teacher Lindsey Winders said a shout out is a compliment that students can say or write down.

“Like, ‘hey I noticed you doing a really great job solving your math facts yesterday. I wanted to make sure you know that I saw you do that,’” Winders said.

Winders said she makes sure she is giving shout-outs to her students every day.

“I might write them a sticky note, or write them a quick little note in their planner. I might just say it to them on their way in to the classroom or on their way out of the classroom, but most importantly I try to do it every day,” Winders said.

In addition to the compliments, Winders has the students greet each other every morning during morning meeting. She will have students give examples to the class of how to communicate in different settings.

Third grade student Nayelli Moranchel said she has given at least six shout-outs this year.

“It makes me happy, because they always write something back,” Moranchel said.

Recently, Winders took it one step further and wrote a personalized note on each of her students desk.

“In our classroom, sometimes it can be challenging for me to give a compliment or a shout out to each and every one of them in a way that feels equal and valuable at the same time. So I thought what a better way to be able to do that than leaving a note on their desk that could stay for as long as they wanted it to,” Winders said.

Winders said it is encouraging when she sees her students copy the act, and give each other compliments without her guidance.