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Loose Meat Sandwich Eating Contest Coming to Iowa this Summer

OTTUMWA, Iowa  --  New York City has the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest ... now Ottumwa has an eating contest of its own.

"Major League Eating", the same organization that hosts the hot dog eating championship ever year, will bring a new eating contest to Wapello County this summer.  The World Championship Canteen Sandwich Eating Contest will be held on June 2nd in Ottumwa.

"Canteen sandwiches" are better known to most Iowans as "loose meat sandwiches."  The contest takes its name from the host site, The Canteen Lunch in the Alley in Ottumwa.  The restaurant has been serving up lunch in its hole-in-the-wall location since 1929.

Registration for the event opens in April.  The rules are simple: eat as many sandwiches as you can in 10 minutes.  The winner gets $2,000.