Waterloo Play Encourages Conversation About Effects of School Shootings

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WATERLOO, Iowa  --  A school play in Waterloo is tackling a hot-button issue as it goes over school shootings and the aftermath.

The artistic director says it's a show meant to spark important conversations about situations that are sadly seen too often.

"There's been 200 school shootings since Columbine, which is pretty overwhelming."

The play focuses on Caitlin Gabriel, a student who had just been shot and seriously injured in her school's library. The audience hears from Caitlin, her parents, reporters, and other students as Caitlin must defend herself against people blaming her for telling the shooter where other students were hiding.

"And then she says it wasn't her that said it, but nobody believes her."

The script is partially inspired by true events that happened in the 1999 Columbine shooting. It's a show not about taking sides, but about showing different stories and reactions during a tragedy.

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