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Proposed $18 Million Bond Referendum to Build 11th Ankeny Elementary School

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ANKENY, Iowa – The Ankeny Board of Education is asking residents to vote on a bond referendum that would build an 11th elementary school.

The district is asking for a $18 million bond referendum and will pay $900,000 out of pocket for furniture, equipment and fixtures.

Ankeny Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Bruce Kimpston said another elementary school will help with its growing community.

“The next 10 to 12 years we need to add an elementary and have it open in 2020. We also need to the very next year add to both high schools to build them out to 1,068 students. We need to add another elementary that very next year,” Kimpston said.

There are currently four elementary schools in the district that are over capacity. Kimpston said the new school would help change that.

Schools over capacity for the 2017-2018 school year include: Ashland Ridge, Crocker, Southeast and Westwood Elementary.

The proposed five-section building would hold grades kindergarten through fifth and hold 750 students.

If passed, the new elementary school would change boundary lines. Kimpston said Terrace Elementary would become a preschool in 2020.

“Terrace Elementary that hasn’t repopulated or ‘regreened’ itself and like a lot of our other buildings in the district they continue to grow and grow. Well Terrance Elementary that is not the case and so we will be repurposing that building to an early childhood center,” Kimpston said.

The new elementary school would be built in the Prairie Trail development to the west of South Ankeny Boulevard.

Kimpston said if the bond referendum is passed, taxes would not increase.

If the bond referendum fails, Terrace Elementary will still become a preschool in 2020.

The district needs 60 percent of the vote to pass the bond referendum.

People can go vote on February 6th. Click here to find a polling place and learn more about absentee voting.

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