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Waukee Residents Spot Coyote

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WAUKEE- Iowa--  A coyote was sighted earlier Wednesday by a Waukee homeowner, and residents in the area say it happens weekly.

Just this afternoon Waukee City Councilwoman Anna Bergman saw a coyote on a stretch of Grand Prairie Parkway.

“From far distance it looked like a lost dog so then, so I slowed down to see, and it was a coyote just in the tall grass just ten feet away from the trail just sauntering like it was no body's business,” Bergman said.

We spoke to residents in the area who are seeing coyotes throughout the year.

“They can run around and get my dog, but they can also attack me and people around here. There are little kids running around and I don’t want them to get hurt,” Waukee resident Wyatt Thompson said.

Not just in Waukee but throughout the Metro, a viewer sent multiple pictures of a coyote spotted on the South Side of Des Moines, near the Des Moines River.

People like Bergman find this unsettling.

“It was very creepy, and I was concerned its early out kids are walking home from school there are animals I am thinking what if kids get hurt,” Bergman said.

Police take these reports seriously but say, there have been no calls for coyote related service.

“Again, we haven’t had any issues to date on this any types of attacks or anything,” Waukee Police Sergeant Sposeto said.

Waukee Police say the coyotes could be sick or, looking for food.

The uptick in coyote sightings are caused in part by a growing city, “Close to Sentential Park where there still is that type of habitat or environment, they have been seen there as well they are going to go to that area where there still is that wildlife," Sergeant Sposeto said.

Police say if you spot a coyote, do not approach it.

Keep your distance and call the Department of Natural Resources.

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