Knoxville Library Relocating During Major Building Expansion

KNOXVILLE, Iowa  —  The Knoxville Public Library is having a book sale this weekend, shortly before it moves several blocks away.

The library is about to undergo a $4 million renovation and addition construction, which will double the size of the facility. Voters approved a $2 million dollar bond issue in 2015, and the library worked to raise funds from the community to help the project. However, the renovations mean the library will need to temporarily relocate–for approximately 15 months–during construction.

“We’re very lucky to find a place to move to, we will be relocating to an empty school building, East Elementary,” said Library Director Roslin Thompson. “It will be a big job to move, but fortunately we think we can be done in two weeks. We’ll be closed for two weeks.”

A contractor will move the books and shelves, and re-assemble them in the old school location. Meanwhile, the plan is to maintain the feel of the original library building.

“It’s an original Carnegie that was added on in 1990,” said Thompson. “The community was very pleased with the first renovation maintaining the beautiful look of the Carnegie, so when we talked about this project, the committee also had input into it and they wanted to maintain that look.”

The project is expected to be completed in April or May of 2019.