Newton Police Looking for Suspect in Drive-By Shooting

NEWTON, Iowa  --  Newton Police are looking for suspects involved in a drive-by shooting.

The shooting happened on Sunday night in the 1100 block of W. 15th Street on the west side of town. Neighbors are now shaken, saying this is a safe area. Police say this is the first drive by shooting in Newton in nearly 20 years.

“I lock my doors at night just out of habit, but that's just not normal for this part of town, it’s just not," said Newton resident Scott Greene.

One house now has bullet holes in the door and façade, and the glass on the front door is shattered. Police say several bullets entered the house and two passed through and hit a neighbor’s home on the other side.

No injuries have been reported, and Newton police believe this was an isolated incident since witnesses are cooperating with the investigation.

“It is something that we are taking very seriously, and we want to insure the public that we are definitely looking it to this as thoroughly as we can and hopefully we'll have answers soon" said Newton Police Chief Rob Burdess.

Police say witnesses describe seeing a light-colored car speeding away from scene. Anyone with information is asked to contact Jasper County Crime Stoppers at 641-792-8362.