Iowa Educators Outline Their Priorities for Lawmakers


DES MOINES, Iowa — More than 150 superintendents and educators across the state were at the Statehouse to talk to lawmakers Wednesday.

They want lawmakers’ support to attend to the needs of students across the state.

They talked about what’s needed to support mental health related issues and legislation that addresses the inequities of transportation per pupil costs.

They also talked about support for continuing operational sharing incentives.

One superintendent says these are issues every parent should be concerned about.

“Tax revenues aren’t at the level we’d like to see them, but with that being said, kids need teachers and, to pay for teachers, we need the resources to provide the learning environment that all kids deserve,” said Deron Durflinger, Superintendent of the Van Meter Community School District.

Without sharing resources, schools would have to look at other funding options including property tax revenue.