Warren County Jail Prepares for Exodus

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INDIANOLA, Iowa--  Employees at the Warren County Jail are getting ready for the facility to shut down.

The Department of Corrections ordered it closed earlier this month. The department cited health and safety hazards.

The department found issues with mold, sewer smells and security.

On February 2nd, 2018 The Department of Correction ordered the jail to shut down.

“It should have been cleaned then when they had the rest of the building restored," Triplett said.

But that did not happen, and Warren County Sheriff Deputies are working double time to prepare for the closure.

“It’s more of a work load but it is what it is we have to roll with it," Brian Vos Warren County Sheriff said.

Residents feel sorry for the increase in work load.

“I feel bad for them they work hard enough they don’t need to have more added to them they need more officers,” Indianola resident Margie Babcock said.

Brian Vos Warren County Sheriff said transferring inmates to nearby jails in Marion, Jasper and Clark Counties is a long process and, uses valuable resources.

“They are still going to get booked, you know arrest procedures so you’re looking at an hour or two hours whatever they are arrested for then get them on the road,” Brian Vos Warren County Sheriff said.

There are forty-two inmates held in Warren County.

Brian Vos says there is no agreement to build a new jail in sight.

“There have been several options out there and the board has not decided on any option that has been brought up," Brian Vos Warren County Sheriff said.

Residents we spoke to are upset about this.

“I am very frustrated that this has not been resolved in the length of time people have talked about it and arguing about it,” Indianola resident Margie Babcock said.

One option is to house inmates in two stainless steel trailers which would sit on the current jail sight.

Warren County Board of Supervisors Crystal McIntyre previously said that would cost $20,000 a month.

The second option is to buy a piece of land near the county line and build a new jail, Board or Supervisor Member Dean Yordi says that would cost tax payers $28,000 an acre.

"Very confusing, very confusing and you can’t please anyone," Indianola resident Margie Babcock said.

Crystal McIntyre with the Warren County Board of Supervisors says  the board and sheriff will meet Friday to decide on a plan for next steps.

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