Proposed Iowa Law Would Require Passing Citizenship Test to Graduate High School


DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa lawmakers could make taking and passing the United States citizenship test a requirement for high school graduation in the state.

The proposed legislation, House Study Bill 573, had been slated for discussion Thursday in subcommittee but it has been rescheduled for February 6th.

The test is made of questions regarding U.S. history, geography, and other civics-related topics.

Research from the Annenberg Public Policy Center says more than a third of people surveyed cannot name any of the rights guaranteed under the first amendment.

β€œIt doesn’t surprise me, and I think that’s one of the reasons we could make a stronger push for social studies. These things that I think are common knowledge are being left out,” said Evan Schulte, Social Studies teacher at Clear Creek Amana High School.

If the bill becomes law, Iowa would join 15 other states in doing so.