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Mike Naig Explores Run For Iowa Ag Secretary

Iowa Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig announced he is exploring a run for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture.

Naig has been deputy secretary for 4.5 years. Before that, he worked in public policy with agriculture businesses and associations. He also helps out on his family farm.

He says, it's been an honor to partner with Secretary Bill Northey and is gauging support to run should Northey be confirmed as Under Secretary with the USDA or not seek reelection.

Naig says being deputy secretary puts him in a unique position to take on one of the biggest jobs, "Being an advocate for Iowa, for Iowa producers, for our products, our businesses. And also being a voice for agriculture. Both here domestically and internationally as we think about export markets and developing those. And so, I've got a career that brings those skill sets forward and I like to put that experience to work."

On his platform, Naig wants to embrace science and technology to better care for Iowa’s natural resources, secure a safe and affordable food and energy supply, and build markets for Iowa products.

Naig says his experience has equipped him to handle the challenges of the secretary, "I look back over those years and think about some good days and some bad days. I think about the high path avian influenza in 2015 and some of those calls that we got during those times that were tough and you've got to be able to weather through those things."