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Wife of Ames Crash Survivor Recounts Horrifying Phone Call From Scene

AMES, Iowa  --  On Tuesday afternoon, the Iowa State Patrol released the video of a massive pileup on I-35 near Ames that happened Monday afternoon.

The pileup started when an accident further south on I-35 had slowed traffic, and one by one cars and trucks driving too fast for the conditions began slamming into the parked vehicles in front of them.

One person was killed in the crash. Fifty-three-year-old Dana Easter of Independence, Missouri, was driving a bus that crashed into the mound of vehicles. The State Patrol is not releasing the video showing that crash involving more than 50 vehicles.

Channel 13 spoke to the Dora Sanford, the wife of Richard Sanford, who survived the massive crash.

“I knew something was wrong so I answered it and said, 'are you okay,' and he said, 'I was involved in an accident, I'm okay, but I'm gonna be here a while," Dora said.

Dora says the call from her husband sent her into a panic.

“I paced around a lot and, you know, called my kids, and said if you see anything on the news or anything he is okay, he's still there but he's okay," Sanford said.

Dora can’t point out the Ryder semi-truck Richard was driving from the video taken by the Iowa Department of Transportation, but Richard just missed the center of the crash.

“I am just glad he is okay. He saw a lot of bad things and he is pretty shook up about it," Sanford said.

Video from Drone13 shows the aftermath with semis still stuck in snow, but that stretch of I-35 looked much different hours earlier.

“The car that was smooshed in between a semi and a big truck, there was five people in the car, so he was very worried about them," Sanford said.

More than a dozen people were also treated for injuries as a result of the crash.

“I prayed for them all night. It's heart-wrenching,” Sanford said.

The Iowa State Patrol says weather played a factor in the crash and say another cause was drivers traveling too quickly for the snowy conditions.