‘Amateurish and Cartoonish’ Sketch by Witness Leads Police to Theft Suspect

LANCASTER, Pa. – Police in a Pennsylvania city said they have identified a theft suspect using a hand-drawn and cartoonish sketch provided by a witness.

A sketch of a theft suspect in Lancaster, Pennsylvania provided by a witness and a man police believe is responsible for the crime are shown side-by-side. (Credit: Lancaster City Bureau of Police via WPMT)

The theft occurred at a farmer’s market in Lancaster, PA on Jan. 30, when a man pretended to be an employee at a stand while the actual employee was away and took money from the business, WPMT reported. The suspect then left the area.

The witness apparently drew an “amateurish and cartoonish” sketch of the suspect, who was described as being between 30 to 40 years old, 5 feet 4 inches tall, of petite build and “possibly South American or Asian,” according to the Lancaster City Bureau of Police.

The simple sketch included black dots for eyes, lines around the eyes and nose and one line for the mouth. The sketch shows the person wearing a hat.

Authorities said investigators recognized the description and modus operandi of the suspect. The sketch and the “distinctive” description of the man “jogged the memory of at least one investigator” who provided a suspect name, police said.

A photo array was prepared and shown to the witness, who was able to identify the person responsible for the theft.

Police have issued an arrest warrant for Hung Phuoc Nguyen, 44, but have not located him, authorities announced Wednesday.