Fort Dodge Gets Eleven Inch Snowfall in Latest Round

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FORT DODGE, Iowa- Early this morning the snowfall had ended in north central Iowa. The roads remained a bit treacherous due to blowing snow. Road conditions ranged from normal winter diving, to drifts in the left lane.

Arriving in Fort Dodge, where 11 inches of snow fell, I found drifts blowing across 5th Avenue South, which is the east west road across town. Piles of snow were all over town.  Snow removal crews were busy in parking lots all over town.

On Central Avenue in downtown Fort Dodge Police had closed Central Avenue and 10th street. One 18-wheeler was turning onto 10th. It had not yet been plowed in the early morning, and the truck was stuck.

Just before 6:30 a wrecker came, and freed the stuck truck.

On Highway 20 and I-35 a handful of vehicles were stuck in the ditch due to the heavy snowfall, which started in this area late Thursday afternoon.