North Central Iowa Sees Most Snowfall


Heavy snow fell over northern Iowa late last night, adding up to 11″ in Fort Dodge with over 6″ in many parts of Pocahontas, Sac, Hamilton, Hardin counties.

The narrow band of snow central Iowa saw early yesterday afternoon quickly moved north and settled over the Hwy 20 corridor late last night. Because this horizontal swath of snow was moving along a fairly stationary boundary, it had little north or south movement. This made totals add up quickly as snow continued to fall over these sames area all night. There was a very sharp cut off of snowfall totals with less than 2″ south of Hwy 20.

Most of the snow has now started to break up and move farther south with some light snow expected to accumulate in southern Iowa through 9 AM today.

This afternoon will be mainly dry for the state with another round of snow after 5 PM. Snow totals from central to southern Iowa look to be between 1-4″.

Temperatures will be cold and the wind will be strong through the rest of today. Blowing snow is likely in areas with high amounts of snow such as those along Hwy 20. This is likely to continue through all of today and some of tomorrow as nothing will create a crust on top of the snow pack, preventing it from blowing around.