Police Locate Family of Three-Year-OId Found Wandering Outside in Des Moines Neighborhood

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Police responded to a south side Des Moines neighborhood around noon on Friday on reports of a three-year-old wandering outside alone.

Officers say when a good Samaritan found the boy, it was 12 degrees outside and the child was wearing sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and shoes without socks. He had been outside for approximately 30 minutes before being taken into police care, where he stayed for nearly two hours.

Officers say no missing child report was filed because nobody realized he was gone; his mother and grandmother were at work, and the mother's boyfriend--who was taking care of him at the time--was asleep at home. Mary Gallardo, the boy's neighbor, says that excuse is not good enough.

"You shouldn't be sleeping or doing whatever you are doing and not keeping an eye on your children," she said.

All family members declined an on-camera interview but say the boy has never escaped the house before.

Channel 13's Jerad Giottonini was live in the neighborhood earlier on Friday as the events were unfolding. His Facebook Live videos can be seen below.