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Cedar Rapids Police Find Bike Thief Through Tire Tracks in Snow

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa  --  The Cedar Rapids Police Department said a little bad weather does a lot of good when it comes to fighting crime.

On Sunday morning, police were called to Hall Bicycle Company when employees discovered the store's front window had been smashed with a rock and a bike was missing. As the alleged thief would soon learn, though, it's not wise to steal a bike after a snow storm.

Police found a clear path of footprints and unique fat tire bike tracks in the freshly fallen snow. That path lead them to 54-year old Eddy Burgin and the bike, which is valued at more than $1,600.

The bike shop thanked police on social media, but officers say mother nature is to thank. They made a Facebook post saying, "Okay, maybe we will miss not having snow every morning like we have experienced for the last week."