Newton Man Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison for Sexually Abusing Girl

Dustin Cooper (WHO-HD)

NEWTON, Iowa — A Newton man was sentenced Monday morning for sexually abusing a 10-year-old girl.

A judge sentenced 39-year-old Dustin Cooper to 25 years in prison after Cooper pleaded guilty to five counts of second degree sexual abuse.

The family of the victim wanted a 50-year sentence.

“This was justice served. Still it’s unfortunate to continuously hear that because someone isn’t very intelligent they can get a reduced sentenced for a horrible crime they committed. In my opinion, everybody who commits these horrible crimes isn’t very intelligent,” said Nate Bradbury, the victim’s uncle.

Shawn Cooper (WHO-HD)

Dustin Cooper’s brother, Shawn Cooper, admitted to sexually abusing the same girl but a judge found him mentally incompetent to stand trial. As a result, he was released from custody.

Prosecutors say they’re working to get Shawn Cooper back in to custody.