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DMPS Receives Water Bottle Filling Stations as Part of ‘Rethink Your Drink’ Campaign

DES MOINES, Iowa – Thirteen Des Moines Public Schools received a new drinking fountain from Delta Dental of Iowa.

Partnering with the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa Department of Public Health, the $230,000 grant allowed Delta Dental of Iowa to give 54 schools a water bottle filling station.

This grant is part of the “Rethink Your Drink” campaign that helps lower health costs for communities and families.

The filling stations filter and fill water bottles.

A student will walk up to the station, place a water bottle on a sensor and the fountain will begin pouring water into the bottle.

Dean of Students at Capitol View Elementary David Sharkey said students can now keep water in the classroom.

“Then, students couldn’t have water in the classroom. They didn’t have anything to put it in. It was a quick, get the drink and go back to class. Now, students can have a bottle of water with them in class all day so they stay hydrated,” Sharkey said.

Sharkey said in addition to the water bottle filling station, Delta Dental of Iowa supplied every student in the school with a toothbrush and water bottle.

“The goal is to help them make lifestyle changes at a young age so it continues, and to get them to stay away from sugary drinks and promote them drinking water every day,” Sharkey said.

The water bottle filling station will mark how many plastic bottles the students are saving by refilling their reusable bottle with the station.

DMPS that received a water bottle filling station include:

  • Brubaker Elementary
  • Capitol View Elementary
  • Garton Elementary
  • Madison Elementary
  • Monroe Elementary
  • Morris Elementary
  • Moulton Elementary
  • Phillips Elementary
  • Willard Elementary
  • Callahan Middle School
  • Hoyt Middle School
  • Hoover High School
  • North High School