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Postal Service Blames Bad Weather for Mail Delivery Problems

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Joanne Jackson has lived in the same neighborhood in Woodland Heights for more than 60 years, and she says she's never had problems with receiving mail like this before.

"Only time we didn`t get mail is like on the holidays," said Jackson.

That's why Jackson says she was concerned when she didn't receive her mail last week.

"Oh yes, for my bills and things," said Jackson.

Jackson isn't the only one who hasn't been receiving her mail.

"Several days go by and I know the mailman has not been to my house," said a woman who lives in the Drake neighborhood and asked us to conceal her identity and refer to her as "K." "I got out next door and I found out that other people are having the same problems in several neighborhoods...we`re kind of figuring out that it`s the whole west side of Des Moines and it needs to be addressed and I know for sure I`m not receiving mail that is from an hour and a half away from here," said K. "And it`s been over a week and I still have not received this important piece of mail."

The problem was highlighted by a post on nextdoor.com by a local man who was having mail issues. The post received 57 replies, with lots of people from different neighborhoods also complaining about missing mail.

When reached for the comment, the postal service said the following:

"The Postal Service strives for timely and accurate service with each mail piece handled and takes disruptions to that service very seriously. Every reported customer concern is actively addressed.

Customers with any concerns, complaints or compliments are encouraged to contact our Customer Care Center at 1-800-275-8777...

When customers contact the Customer Care center, their concern is logged into a database which allows us to efficiently and effectively track and resolve issues.

Mail delays can occur in the event of inclement weather, such as the snow storms experienced in the Des Moines area recently. Prolonged effects take place when snow and ice become a problem for mail carriers.

The Postal Service is asking customers to help keep their letter carrier safe this winter through the following actions:

*   Clear enough snow from curbside boxes to allow mail trucks to approach the box, deliver the mail and to drive away from the box without danger of the need for backing.

*   Walkways should be cleared of snow and ice and allow enough traction to avoid slips, trips or falls.

*   Steps should also be kept clear of ice and snow and in good repair so as not to cause injury to the letter carriers or others who visit the customer’s home.

*   Overhangs should be clear and free of snow and ice to avoid injury.

Residents who receive delivery to roadside mailboxes also must keep the approach to, and exit from, the mailbox clear of snow or any other obstacles, like trash cans and other vehicles. The carrier needs to get in, and then out, without leaving the vehicle or backing up."

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