South Side Des Moines Family Without Home Following Fire

DES MOINES, Iowa--A South side family is out of their home following a fire Tuesday morning.

When firefighters arrived at the Unity Place Apartments, the unit was engulfed in flames.

Christa Jordan moved to this affordable housing complex to escape the freezing temperatures.

“I moved here a couple months ago to reestablish some stuff I was homeless and now I don’t know what I am going to do I don’t know if there is smoke damage,” Christa Jordan said.

The fire broke out on the top floor, right across the hall from Jordan’s unit.

“It was all black and it was just get out," Jordan said.

Brian O’Keefe with Des Moines Fires said the fire started in the kitchen.

Pictures taken by firefighters from inside show a charred living room.

O’Keefe said a closed apartment door prevented the fire from spreading.

A smoke alarm alerted residents and the fire department.

Dozens of people were sent outside to evacuate fire officials say even in a moment of panic you need to be dressed for the weather.

“Have a pair of shoes handy something to throw over you if you have any medical problems so when you step outside you are not falling victim to the environment," Brian O’Keefe with Des Moines Fire said.

Jordan is glad no one was hurt and hopes everyone’s belongings are safe.

“I feel sorry, I hope everything is all right and I hope their stuff is alright," Jordan said.

Fire officials say there were no sprinklers in the complex and the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

We reached out to the owners of the complex BBT Renters for comment, were waiting for a call back.