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Urbandale Church Planning Return to Help Houston Flood Victims

URBANDALE, Iowa- Last summer the whole world saw the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, and the heavy rains which fell over that region.

Now months later, the national media is gone, but much of the flood damage remains. A team of 10 people went to Houston in January to spend seven days helping two churches in the eastern part of the city.

“It was a lot of work within the church, the effort was to restore their church to some things that have been damaged by the hurricane, and to make it the lighthouse in the community that was before,” said Ralph Schippers, A Timberline Team member. “I’d never been on a mission trip before, and thought this was an excellent opportunity, certainly I prayed about it, and felt called by God to go to Houston."

Team members had to pack power tools and gloves, because some of the work involved getting dirty. After the national media left, there is not much extra attention paid to Houston.

“There’s a network of churches only God puts this together that’s coming in at different times to help,” said Timberline Team Leader Maxx Godsey. “This team we’re planning to go down in March, we’re going to go down and continue contributing at least another year.”

The next team will go, if everything falls into place, in March.

“They were very thankful they were primarily Cambodian,” said Schippers. “There was a little bit of a language barrier for the first-generation Cambodians, the second-generation speaks pretty good English they were very thankful expressed in many ways.”

Any church or other group interested in helping Houston should contact Timberline Church for more information. 515) 276-6089