Urbandale High School Students Use Social Media to Bring Awareness to Hunger

URBANDALE, Iowa – A group at Urbandale High School is using the power of social media to help lend a hand to the community.

Hope in Action made a social media post asking people to help donate canned goods and food to the Central Iowa Shelter and Services when the students found out the shelter was running low on its emergency food.

Within a week the students were able to collect enough cans to fill an entire car trunk.

Urbandale High School Senior Maya Sims said Hope in Action is a group of students trying to spread hope in the community through different social issues.

“Social media, if we use it to our advantage it can make a huge impact, and I wish more people my age would act on that. We are very social media savvy and we have it in us to make a difference using social media,” Sims said.

This is not the first time the group has made an impact in the community. In the fall, the group created Little Free Libraries.

Urbandale High School Junior Kate Heiliger said she hopes her generation takes advantage of social media and uses it for good.

“I think right now we just need to focus on educating our peers and having a stronger awareness of what’s going on and not being ignorant to the bigger issues that are taking place beyond us,” Heiliger said.

Heiliger said the group will continue to use social media as they continue to raise awareness on other topics.

In addition to restocking the Little Free Libraries and collecting food, Hope in Action is hosting a clothes drive.

The drive is from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at Urbandale High School on Saturday. The clothes will be donated to nonprofits that work with youths in the child welfare program.