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Iowans Gather in Solidarity, ‘Outrage’ Following Florida School Shooting

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  As the Florida community where Wednesday's deadly school shooting took place mourns, some Iowans came together at the state capitol on Friday evening.

The No More Thoughts and Prayers Outrage Vigil commemorated the latest lives lost to gun violence. Those in attendance also expressed their outrage over what they feel is a lack of action by Congress, something one activist feels should have happened five years ago.

"I became really active with the gun reform debate after Sandy Hook," said Heather Ryan. "And I really thought that that would be the catalyst to where everybody would say, 'this is too much, we can't have five-year-olds slaughtered in their classrooms.' But it wasn't. And it continues. And it never stops. And I don't even know how to express how frustrating and angry and hurt and sorrowful I am, and I hope that it resonates with the crowd."

Ryan said this is the third time she has organized this type of event.