First 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Visits Iowa

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Representative John Delaney announced his presidential campaign last year at the Iowa State Fair and has made it his mission to meet Iowans in all 99 counties.

Delaney said he's running for president because he thinks Americans are no longer united. That is also part of the reason why he decided to start campaigning so early.

"We have to bring our country together. We are a terribly divided nation. And it's really, in many ways, the central question facing our country. We also have to begin to prepare ourselves for the future. The world's changed very rapidly and it's changing everything. It's changing work, it's changing our demographics, our security risks, changing all aspects of our society, and we are not doing the things we need to do as a country to prepare ourselves for the future," Delaney said.

People at the event on Saturday asked Delaney a variety of questions, everything from how he would handle the growing United States deficit to his thoughts on gun reform.

Delaney says at the end of the day, he wants to be different than the last few decades of presidents.

“I think hyper-partisan politics, that kind of hard edged, put party ahead of country, form of politics that we’ve experienced over the last several decades, I really do believe is destroying our country. I think it’s tearing communities apart,” Delaney said.

Jeff Link hosted the gathering on Saturday at his house because he wanted to bring people together to hear what Delaney had to say.

"I think that the main thing I took away from his message was that we need to take down all these attacks, bring people together. He said that if he were elected president, he would work in a bipartisan manor the first hundred days and every other day of his presidency. We don't have a lot of that right now and we really, sorely need it," Link said.

Delaney plans to continue campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire.