Metro Fire Departments Review Ice Rescue Training

JOHNSTON, Iowa -- On a day with above average temperatures, metro fire departments brushed up their ice rescue training at Terra Park.

The training comes at a crucial time of the year.

"Ice right now is still really thick, but as the weather keeps fluctuating as we go towards spring, it's going to start deteriorating. It's important for us to get rescuers on the ice while it's still thick and safe to practice the skills in case an incident were to happen," said Johnston Grimes Metro Fire Department Lieutenant Tristan Johnson.

Six metro agencies trained alongside each other on Sunday practicing rescue techniques. The departments often rely on one another in rescue missions like ice rescues.

Crews says people should be extremely careful when walking on frozen lakes and ponds. They recommend the ice be at least two inches thick for walking and at least eight inches thick for activities like ice fishing. Officials say 10 minutes in below freezing temperatures can be life-threatening.