The Insiders: February 18th Edition, School Shootings and Proposed Changes

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida is the latest school that will now be known as the site of a mass shooting after authorities say a former student killed or wounded nearly three dozen people.

As it has been with each of the recent mass murders, debate begins immediately with people discussing what--if anything--should be done in terms of gun laws.

Some Democrats say it's time to ban assault style weapons, pass more mental health funding, and expand criminal background checks. When they had the majority in Congress with a Democratic president, they chose not to do those things.

Some Republicans say limiting guns isn't the answer, and instead teachers should be armed, and armed guards and metal detectors should be put in schools. Republicans are in the majority now and have a Republican president, but they, too, have not yet chosen to take any of those actions.

Political Director Dave Price poses the questions of whether anything will be done to help stop mass murders in the future or if we will wait to have the same conversation the next time it happens?