City Crews Work Double Time to Keep Roads Safe

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DES MOINES, Iowa--  City road crews are working to make sure the Tuesday morning commute will be safe.

Doug Triplett has been working for Des Moines Public works for 40 years, he is a part of a fleet thats gearing up to combat the freezing rain storm.
"Just like now I've got to prep my truck make sure I am ready to go, and fill up with brine," Triplett said.
Spraying salt brine on area roads is an anti-icing measure.
"Freezing rain is problematic for a couple reasons, a layer of ice on the street can make driving really really dangerous," Director of Public Works Jonathan Gano said.
 Triplett said each truck is responsible for covering about 1,000 miles of road.
Public works says getting a leg up on the ice, cost about $80,000.
That money covers materials and labor costs.
"Just about 18 hours to run the regular fleet of salt brine trucks like the one behind me to run the entire snow route system," Jonathan Gano said.
The Community needs to be vigilant of city crews while they are working.
"It's scary because we have a lot of people who will just cut in front of me and I have a sign that says stay back 75 feet and I look in the review mirror and they are right behind me," Triplett said.
Not only does freezing rain create poor driving conditions but Public Works says ice can accumulate on power lines, the weight could collapse them which would make a wide spread power outage.