Icy Roads, Streets, and Parking Lots in Algona

ALGONA, Iowa- School was cancelled here in light of an ice storm moving across central Iowa. City crews put down sand..along with the snow and ice, so roads were decent in town.

The Iowa State Patrol said there were only a few accidents in Kossuth County. Mainly, just people running off the road, no serious accidents.

Still, I would still maintain that the main thing is speed, the number one reason get into these crashes, get in these accidents and go off the road way, is driving too fast for conditions,” said State Trooper Tracy Teague, of Fort Dodge, Thats why we try to tell people to plan accordingly, take your time allow a little bit of extra time to get to your destination.”

Teague also advised to be very careful when walking as sidewalks and parking lots can be deceptive.

Through mid-day road conditions were not bad, until drivers went past Humboldt on highway 169. There was a little ice still on the road by late morning, but DOT crews kept working to remove the ice.