Freezing Rain Causing Slick Road Conditions

Central Iowa is waking up to slick roads in Central Iowa. Roads especially across Western and into parts of Central Iowa are partially to completely ice covered.

Freezing rain moved through very early this morning with some thunder and lightning as well. The rain fell through warmer air but then hit colder sub-freezing air here at the surface, resulting in a thin coating of ice on trees, powerlines, and a glaze on sidewalks, driveways and neighborhood roads. Main roads have seen some treatment in preparation, so while there are slick spots they have been maintained as well.

The heaviest of the freezing rain is lifting off into Eastern Iowa. Through the remainder of the morning, some spotty showers of freezing rain and drizzle may still move through Central Iowa and the Metro. Temperatures will hold steady around 30 degrees through most of the day.

Winds will start to pick up this afternoon from the northwest at 10-20 mph and gusts to 25 mph. That may blow around trees and branches that have the thin ice coating on them.

Plan for extra time to get to work and especially on side streets that may not have been pre-treated you will find the slickest conditions.