Police Investigating After Incident At DART Station

DES MOINES, Iowa--  Des Moines Police are reviewing body camera video of officers trying to get a crowd of rowdy teens under control at the downtown Des Moines DART Station Wednesday.

At one point an officer maced a girl and then forces her to the ground.

She and two other Metro high students were arrested.

18-year-old Aaron Keys was arrested for interfering with the arrest.

The 15 second clip of the scuffle, surfaced on social media.

Police say that video does not paint the correct picture.

“Evaluate the right or wrong in this video based on 15 seconds there was 45 min of chaos down there," Sargent Paul Parizek said.

Police say the scuffle happened after an early out day for Des Moines students.

More than 100 students were bused to the DART Station where police tried to control the crowd.

“He walked up to us and told us if you can't find no place to sit then go outside I told him its already cold outside," Aaron Keys said.

That’s when police say keys and two other students became argumentative, loud and disorderly.

The girl in the video was taken into custody for trespassing, she resisted so police sprayed her with mace.

“That’s when it escalated after he slammed her on the ground and it escalated," Keys said.

Police say a post on social media tipped them off on a potential fight at DART.

Officers wanted to prevent a brawl at DART like the one that happened a month ago.

Police say there is body camera video with no audio, all surveillance video from dart and the 15 second cell phone clip.

Neither will be released until the case is over.