Snow and Ice to Impact Travel Conditions


A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect until midnight for all of Iowa. Roads will be slick this evening and overnight with snow to the north and ice across central and southern Iowa.

Light snow is moving across the state this morning. Northern Iowa will continue to see snow through the afternoon with snow totals between 1-3″. This afternoon will be a different story for central and southern Iowa.  As the temperatures higher up in the atmosphere start to warm, our precipitation type will begin to change. Snow will change over to sleet throughout the middle of the day with freezing rain expected during the afternoon and evening. This means there is a high potential for a very slick evening commute across the metro.

After sunset tonight temperatures at the surface will begin to climb above freezing and freezing rain will change to rain. If enough rain falls, the ice we see this evening will start to melt away and improve road conditions for the morning commute.

Most of the rain is expected to move out of the state before sunrise with a drier day ahead tomorrow. Unfortunately another system will move through on Saturday bringing chances for heavy snow from western Iowa-Carroll-Fort Dodge-Mason City. South and east of this area will mainly experience rain with a brief chance for freezing rain before temperatures climb above freezing during the late morning and early afternoon on Saturday. Isolated thunderstorms are possible Saturday evening, and if this happens isolated rain amounts up to 1″ will be possible.