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Workers Move Back Into City Hall After Two Years of Construction

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DES MOINES, Iowa  -- After two years of construction, Des Moines city workers move back into City Hall Friday. The entire move back to City Hall will happen over the course of about a month, and workers will move by department.

The city clerk department begins its move Friday the 23rd and will be operational next Monday the 26th. So if you need to purchase a pet license, pay a ticket or meet with a council member you can visit the city clerk department in the renovated City Hall.

Other departments will gradually move from the City Administration Building, which is a private office building where the city was renting space.

Departments such as Human Resources and Community Development will remain in the Armory Building.

City Hall’s renovations replaced the 106-year-old building’s heating and cooling system, lighting and sewer pipes and installed a sprinkler system. The city engineer Pam Cooksey said these renovations were needed but the building won’t look substantially different.

“Some of the public space at least on the first floor will be more open and more conducive to the public interactions that need to occur. The Great Hall is going to look like the Great Hall, the building is obviously getting a whole clean up at the same time," Cooksey said.

Cooksey said the city expanded the scope of the project when add-ons and unforeseen problems like outdated wiring and bad sewer pipes raised the total cost of the project from $5.5 million to $7.4 million.

"With everyone out of the building it gave us the opportunity to do some work that really wouldn’t be as easy or as efficient to do with everyone in the building so the project expanded to address some of those improvements that we needed to do," Cooksey said.

The first city council meeting at the newly renovated City Hall is on April 9th. Visit dmgov.org/move for a list of city services and their location during this month long moving process.

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