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Polk County Residents Attend Last Information Meetings Before Local Option Sales Tax Vote

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POLK COUNTY, Iowa – Eighteen cities will vote on a local option sales and services tax that if passed will increase retail taxes by one-percent.

Iowa’s sales tax rate is six-percent, if the new measure is passed that will increase to seven-percent in Polk County.

The vote is set to take place March 6th.

Out of 18 cities, nine will vote contiguous, meaning it will be treated as one large incorporated area. Those cities include:

Local Plaza Florist & Gifts Owner Carrie Thedee said she is not sure where she stands on the possible increase.

“My general disposition is not increasing taxes, but where there’s areas that is done right and to the benefit of the community I think it can benefit everyone,” Thedee said.

Despite cities having meeting, Thedee said she knows little about the upcoming vote.

“A lot of times when a vote is coming up you see a lot of the signs. I think that is what catches my attention. When you see some of those materials out in the streets you think ‘oh a vote is coming up, I should check what this is about,’” Thedee said.

According to the Iowa Department of Revenue, 93-percent of communities have a local optional sales and services tax.

The sales tax needs a 50 percent approval rate in 50% of those cities for it to pass.

If passed, the nine contiguous cities said half the money would go toward lowering property taxes and the other half toward improvement projects for its city.

Click here to see the wording on the ballot in your city.

If passed, the increase will become effective July 1, 2018.

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