Metro School Hosts Forum to Discuss Student Safety

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DES MOINES, Iowa – One metro school is hosting a forum for parents to talk to faculty about their child’s safety during the day.

Principal at Brody Middle School Thomas Hoffman said the forum is meant to answer questions parents may have when it comes to their child’s safety.

“Parents have a right, and schools have a responsibility to make sure that everyone is aware of our plans. Everyone is aware of everything we are doing to keep students safe, because there is a lot of anxiety right now,” Hoffman said.

Campus Monitor Mary Ann Nielsen said she walks about 10 miles each day around the school making sure nothing is out of place.

“I carry a radio every day, all day long. There’s all types of communication through that. There might be communication through the front office that somebody just checked in, they’re heading to a classroom to see their student. So that I am aware we do have somebody else in the building,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen said throughout the whole day she is communicating with faculty in the building, “Communication through people being diligent. If they see someone possibly out front that maybe they haven’t recognized before. They communicate, we have a student or somebody out front can somebody please check that out.”

Hoffman said last week the school conducted a lockdown drill, and teachers said it felt more real than in the past.

“There were people talking about having a tightness in their throat, it just feels more real. In a sense that is a good thing, because we want these drills to be important. We want them to be meaningful,” Hoffman said.

The forum takes place Tuesday from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. at Brody Middle School. Parents at the school are encouraged to attend.

If a parent is not able to attend the school encourages them to reach out and ask any questions about their child’s safety.

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