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Former Dallas Center Pastor Gets Probation Following Sexual Abuse Allegations

DALLAS COUNTY, Iowa  --  A former Dallas Center pastor was sentenced to probation on Friday after being charged with sexual abuse last year.

A judge handed down a suspended sentence for Randy Johnson, who faced 13 counts of sexually abusing his daughter. Earlier this year, though, Johnston entered an Alford plea of guilty for two of the charges. The state was not able to say why the other 11 counts were dropped, but Johnson did enter a guilty plea for child endangerment and indecent exposure.

The victim, 16-year-old Rachel Johnson, agreed to appear camera. In court, she told her father how this experience has impacted her.

“My dad grabbed my hand and pulled it behind him, behind me, making me touch his penis, then grabbing my breast," Rachel Johnson said.

On one side of the court room sat Rachel and her support system, while on the other was Rachel's mother and Randy's wife Kathy, who, at times, openly disagreed with what her daughter was saying.

“I want everyone in this courtroom to know that Randy August Johnson is not innocent, and he deserves the maximum sentence for all the sexual, mental, and emotion abuse I will forever live with,” Rachel Johnson said.

State prosecutors did not ask for the maximum sentence, though, which would have meant prison time. Randy's defense attorney asked for a deferred judgement, which means Randy would not have a criminal record.

“That Mr. Johnson would be allowed to prove to himself, to prove to this court, to prove to the rest of his family, to prove to society that he is a worthwhile member of that society," said attorney Aaron Hamrock.

The judge sided with the state, and, as part of the sentencing, Randy Johnson must register as a sex offender.

Randy did not address the court, and he, Kathy, and Randy's attorney did not have any comment following the sentencing.