Firefighters and Police Take the Ice for Cancer Research

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URBANDALE, Iowa  --  On Saturday afternoon, firefighters and law enforcement officers took to the ice at Bucs Arena for the annual Guns ‘n Hoses charity game. While both teams were looking for a win, the true battle is what this game was all about: the battle against cancer.

When the puck dropped, all eyes were on the rink. Team Firefighters got off to a blazing lead.

“Just each play working one by one, see what we can do, adjusting to what they do and just see where we can get from here. Just keep the pressure,” said A.J. Plach.

Team Police was never able to turn the momentum around.

“We need to just go get the puck, we're just kinda coasting. We're not going full speed, we should. We always take it easy for the fireman every year. We give them a little confidence. You know who knocks on the door first before anyone goes in? It's the police, and then the fire guys go in right after us,” said Jeff Cronin.

That bit of trash talk came up flat as team firefighters continued to score goal after goal, but the ultimate goal was scored away from the rink, with fans and sponsors helping to raise over $50,000 for the H8 Cancer research program.

“We fund research all across the United States and we try to do everything we can to help patients get the research they need,” said Dr. Simeon Jaggernauth.

Money like this has helped fund breakthroughs in cancer research.

“We've got some very amazing molecules that are coming out that raises the T-cell function, and targeted therapies that are using your own system to fight the cancer,” said Jaggernauth.

Those advancements help build hope when sometimes it's hard to find.

“It provides the energy, it provides the education we need, and more research is always great. We are a firm believer of that,” said Jaggernauth.

Because cancer is a disease that unfortunately touches all of us in some way, fans say the game allows them to do their part.

“I personally have a couple of good friends that have been battling it this year, some winning some losing, but they're still fighting the fight and that’s what matters...whether they know you or not it's going to help someone who needs it,” said Allison Davis.

Team Firefighters took home the trophy 9-3.