‘League of Legends’ Players Face Off at Grand View During Global eSports Classic


DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Grand View University hosted a national wrestling championship this weekend, but the school has also now branched out into e-sports tournaments.

The Global eSports Classic was held for the first time in Des Moines on Sunday. Twelve teams from across the country gathered to play the popular video game League of Legends for a cash prize of $5,000. According to one organizer, Grand View is the first college in Iowa to put together a collegiate e-sports team. League of Legends is similar to a giant virtual game of capture the flag.

“Five players play against five players, and they each have a specific position, kind of like basketball, where you have your point guard and your forward. Here we have different lanes of the game, and each person is uniquely good at their position,” said Dana Hustedt. “They have different strengths they can do to make the game better and competitive, and that’s League of Legends.”

Hustedt says college e-sports is gaining traction all across the country, and Grand View having a team could bring in more prospective students.