Ankeny Schools Offering $1 Breakfast at its Elementary Schools This Week

ANKENY, IOWA – Ankeny Schools is celebrating National Breakfast Week at its elementary schools.

Each breakfast is $1.00 and parents are encouraged to join their child.

The schedule for $1.00 breakfasts is listed below:

  • Monday March 5- Crocker, Southeast East
  • Tuesday March 6- Westwood, Rock Creek
  • Wednesday March 7- Northwest, Terrace, Ashland Ridge
  • Thursday March 8- Prairie Trail, Northeast

Students can pay with cash or charge it to their lunch account.

Since the beginning of the school year the district's lunch debt has risen to $50,000.

Nutrition Services Director at Ankeny Schools Scott Litchfield said the district started a fuel system that helps families who exceed a certain amount of lunch debt to help pay it off.

“The obstacles are just the logistics of getting out to the families who need that help, getting in contact with them and making sure people are aware of that. I think the other challenge is, there is so much communication that comes from everywhere in society and people being aware of their balances,” Litchfield said.

When an account is under $50 there are options that can be set up, which include:

  • Setting up a payment plan
  • Apply for free and reduced lunch
  • Pack a sack lunch
  • Participate in the fuel system program

Litchfield said the school will contact parents if their child reaches a certain amount of lunch debt.

“Our social workers in the district reach out to families who we know are accumulating a certain level of debt and delinquent lunch accounts. Our social workers reach out to them and say ‘hey we noticed you reached this point and would you like us to help you out,’” Litchfield said.

On April 25th, restaurants in the community will donate a portion of their earnings to the school district to help lower the lunch debt.