Smooth Transition Expected By New Iowa Secretary of Ag

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey has been confirmed to the U.S. Department of Agriculture as an Under Secretary.

On Thursday, Governor Kim Reynolds announced Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig will replace him as Iowa Secretary of Agriculture once Northey submits his resignation.

Naig will serve for the remainder of Northey's term, which ends this year.

The Iowa Department of Agriculture has been preparing the transition for the months Northey has been waiting to be confirmed.

Naig is still the Deputy Secretary for now, but when he is sworn in, he'll focus on making the transition easier, "For our stakeholders and our customers for our leadership team, for our employees. That's what we're really focused on right now, the smooth transition. But then it's all about doing the business of the Department of Agriculture. So, it's our efforts to protect consumers, to protect our natural resources and then just promote Iowa around the world. So, those are the things I intend to focus on."

The transition is expected early this week.

Naig has been Deputy Secretary for four and a half years, so he says he's comfortable taking on the role. When he does pick up the mantle, he will also appoint a new Deputy Secretary.

He is excited for Northey and his opportunity at the USDA as well.

Naig says, "For me here, I'm just really thankful for the opportunity that the Governor has given me to take on this role. And I appreciate the confidence that she has in me to finish out this term."

Naig is also running in the June 5th Republican primary to be elected as Iowa Secretary of Agriculture.